Visit Thailand in The Winter Season and Take Back Home the Best Ever Memory.

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Among the many countries that have emerged as global touring destinations, Thailand is perhaps the one most sought after. Here, one can get many things under one roof, like the natural beauty, flora and fauna, disco pubs, night clubs, great food as well as historically important places. The best time to visit Thailand for honeymoon is during the winters.

Bangkok travel

Bangkok is the capital of the country. It is not only internationally well connected; one can only look in awe of the infrastructural developments that the city has gone through. The technological developments are in themselves a marvel for the city, besides the great connectivity to the rest of the country. If one is visiting Thailand, one can always land in Bangkok to start with and plan out the travel in the best possible way.

From Bangkok, one can visit the Thailand Islands, Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya easily, which are located here or nearabout. In Kanchanaburi, one can witness the national parks and the waterfalls. It is one of the places in Thailand with the best of scenic beauty. It has the bridge over the river Kwai that is a world famous one for technological as well as architectural marvel. The best time to visit Thailand for honeymoon is during the winters.

The Ayutthaya is a city located along the river Chao Phraya. It is a very old city built as long as in 1350 A.D. it is located on an island surrounded by three rivers connecting to the Gulf of Siam. It is one of the places of famous antique relics of Thailand and is about 80 km from Bangkok.

The Thailand Islands are one of the best in the world because of the natural scenic beauty that it possesses. There are three main sets of islands in this gamut. The Ko Samet and the Ko Chang are situated to the east of Bangkok while the Ko Pha-ngan and the Ko Tao lie in the Gulf of Samui. The Andaman Phuket is also a part of these islands.

Phuket visit

Phuket is one of the most developed islands of the world. It is a favourite place for world tourism and for honeymoon. It has the best of beaches out here. There are numbers of private beaches in Phuket that the world travelers often look for. It also has long and beautiful public beaches. There are great many numbers of world sports like scuba diving, paragliding, etc. out here. Also, the food here is great. A lot of sea food varieties are available out here.

In Phuket and Bangkok, there are several places for buying the goodies. The apparels here are world class and they are sold at exceptionally low rates. The high quality and low rates not only attract the tourists, they also bring in a number of businessmen out here to buy them in lots and take them to their own countries for business! The best time to visit Thailand for honeymoon is during the winters.

Chiang Mai visit

In the north, the city of Chiang Mai is a place worth visitingfor honeymoon. Surrounded by the mountains, it is a hilly region that is famous for scenic beauty. It has a great many numbers of travellers coming in for trekking. The outdoor adventure activities here are worth a visit for the globe trotters. The best time to visit Thailand is for honeymoon during the winters.

Khao sok National Park

It is the best national park of Thailand. It has a wonderful collection of flora and fauna. The famous elephants of Thailand are visible out here. One can go for the great jeep and open hood safaris through the jungles. The best time to visit Thailand for honeymoon is during the winters.

Hotels for stay

Bangkok boasts of some of the bet hotels in it. There are a number of 5-star deluxe hotels for honeymoon. These are posh and spacious and can give you all the luxury that you desire of. On the other side, there are many budget hotels as well. Here, many people coming from average income group can easily stay. The food here is excellent and of great variety. Besides the continental dishes, one can also get the special varieties of Thai dishes. Thai food is already famous worldwide and here, one can get original Thai food in cheap price as well as in a large variety of dishes for honeymoon. The best time to visit Thailand for honeymoon is during the winters.


Thailand is well connected across the world through Bangkok, its major international airport. Almost all corners of the world are connected to it. One can fly in directly from Europe, the USA, Canada as well as almost anywhere in Australia and Asia. Even for local travelling, one can get many varieties of travelling. Taxis are the most popular owing to the flexibility but at the same time, one can also take rail routes wherever available. The best time to visit Thailand is in the winters, and one can also take the pleasure of waterway travelling during these months. If one is visiting the Thailand Islands for honeymoon, this can add much fun to the whole tour program and can bring in enormous joy!

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