Honeymoon in Thailand Phuket.  Best place to visit for your honeymoon.

honeymoon in Thailand

Thailand undoubtedly is one of the best places to visit for your honeymoon. In Thailand, the most desired spot for tourists is Bangkok.

Thailand is one the best destinations for honeymoon couples in Asia. Here, one can get the correct amalgamation of history, tradition, food, sea beaches and night clubs. It is one of the most glorified tourist spots in Asia and is well connected to every part of the world. Thus, if one is willing to surprise the partner with a surprise honeymoon to one of the most beautiful and desired places in the world, it has to be Thailand.

Bangkok travel

In Thailand, the most desired spot for tourists is Bangkok. It is the capital of the country and hence is well connected to every part of the nation in all possible ways. Its infrastructure is one of the most developed in Asia. It can also leave the Europeans and Americans spellbound! Besides, it has so many places of traditional history in here that a honeymoon couple can only be left gasping in surprise.

If one comes to Thailand, one will never regret having chosen as best honeymoon destination Thailand. Bangkok being well connected to all parts of the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia, is easy to reach. Here, the local travel is of great convenience. There are the cabs as well as the tube rails that can make it extremely easy to cover all the sightseeing spots out here for honeymoon.

The number of high-quality hotels is very large out here. One couple coming for honeymoon destination Thailand can get the best of world class luxury in a great many numbers of hotels here. The food is of world class. One can get continental dishes everywhere. But if one wants to taste the local Thai delicacy, this is also possible here. The best of Thai food is served in almost all the luxury hotels that are here.

If again one is interested in a budget hotel, this is also not impossible out here. The number of budget hotels is more than that of luxury hotels here. So one can easily drop in to a budget hotel within the expected expenditure and have fun of honeymoon destination Thailand.

Places for visit

In and around Bangkok for honeymoon, there are a number of places for visit. One can go to the nearby Thailand Islands and have the fun of waterway travelling. Here, besides history, one can also witness spirituality in some of the islands. The culture of Thailand is highly enriched by Buddhism and a lot of Indian culture has come here over the ages. Thus, there are several pagodas in and around Bangkok and in other places of honeymoon destination Thailand. These pagodas present a part of the rich spiritual history of the place and a couple can take some time off to sit here and relax mentally, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life!

KHAO SOK National Park

This is the best national park of honeymoon destination Thailand. One can go for jeep safaris to witness the famous elephants of Thailand. This is located in north of Thailand, but reaching here is never a big problem due to the extremely advanced local conveyance. One can get great hotels, both luxurious and within the budget. The scenic beauty out here is exceptional and the couple can take back a lot of good memories from here back home.


This is perhaps the most desired place in honeymoon destination Thailand. Here, one gets great beaches, both public and private. These beaches are the famous ones of Thailand and give a unique view of the Andaman Sea. Here also, there are luxury hotels as well as budget hotels. The great many numbers of budget hotels have in fact made it possible for people belonging to middle income group too flock in here for visits for honeymoon.

Here, there is a lot of sea food. Besides, there are world class water sports facilities out here. One can get scuba diving, bungee jumping and paragliding facilities out here. All of them are safe in the best possible way and are world class in that regard. That is why Phuket is a start attraction of any honeymoon destination Thailand.

Here, one can also get the opportunity to buy lots of cloths. Phuket is a place along with Bangkok that is famous for high quality cloths and apparels. Here, one can get these in very cheap prices. The quality is world class and compared to that, the cost of apparels is extremely cheap. Thus, visitors for honeymoon can buy lots of good-looking cloths out here. Even many businessmen come here to buy cheap cloths in loads and take back to their own country for selling. Thus, besides being a tourist spot, Phuket is also a great place for business. It is an added attraction for couples during honeymoon destination Thailand as they can also buy as much as they wish to out here.

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