Have an ever memorable honeymoon in Thailand for a lifetime.


The first thing that any couple desires of doing together after marriage is the honeymoon! It is not just a ritual but also a way of thanking each other for choosing as partners. It is much more than just having sex; it is more about being together and enjoying some quality time, much like peeping into each other’s minds and knowing about the personal likes and dislikes as well as the grey shades of each other’s characters that were left unvisited before marriage! Thus, the honeymoon spot has to be something that both of the partners would like about and that will topple both of them off their feet! There can thus be no better place than honeymoon packages Thailand for such a surprise!

Why Thailand?

It is the country that is the richest in natural flora and fauna in Asia. Besides, it has the largest number of traditional and historical places in the continent. In fact, it has the maximum number of places for pilgrimage for the Buddhists in Asia, even more than in India and China! Not only that, it has some of the sorts of things that a newly-wed couple would definitely like to, like sea beaches and sea food. There are long beaches and numbers of islands that offer plentiful of water sport facilities for a couple to enjoy. That is why Thailand honeymoon packages are the most popular and one of the best gifts that a newly-wed couple can present to each other.

What to see in Thailand?

There are a number of famous tourist spots in Thailand. One can reach the country via Bangkok which is itself a rich tourist spot besides being the capital. Its infrastructure is very well developed thereby making the local conveyance facilities extremely good for the people here. Even the tourists find it very easy to move from one place to another in Thailand with Bangkok as the centre. Thus, honeymoon in Thailand can be ever memorable with Bangkok as the preferred station for stay.

From Bangkok, one can go to visit the Thailand Islandsfor honeymoon. There is also the Ayuthaya city that is a ruin of an old city built in 1350 AD. However, it gives us a glimpse of the life here before modern civilization had stepped in. then there is also the Kanchanburi that is rich in natural resources. One can see the waterfalls and the river Kwaithat and the famous “Death Bridge” above it.

Phuket Party!

If a couple really wants to party, there is no other place to go than to Phuket! It is an island in the Andaman Sea down south east of the country, and has emerged as one of the top ten best islands for global visitors. It has long and beautiful beaches that host both the public and the private parties. It also has the best of world class sports facilities. One can witness scuba diving, paragliding as well as bungee jumping here for honeymoon. The best part is that all of these have world class safety facilities and are done under the supervision of well-trained skilled persons. Thus there is least chance of a mishap and even novices for honeymoon can try them out! This is something special about honeymoon in Thailand, and is a big reason why couples flock in here for fun!

The best part about honeymoon packages Thailand is definitely the Phuket visit. Here, one can go shopping and enjoy great food endlessly! The quality of the apparels that one can get out here are world class, and all of them are extremely cheap! That is why not just tourists for honeymoon but also many businessmen from the world over come here to buy in lots and sell them back in their own countries. The apparels here are made out of some of the best fashion and styles in the world, thereby always getting ahead of the existing fashion.

The variety of Thai food and sea fishes that one gets in Phuket during Thailand honeymoon packages are also amazingly different! Thai food is anyways very famous across the world, much like Chinese food. Here in Phuket as well as all over Thailand, one can get enormous varieties of well-cooked Thai dishes of great qualities. This is definitely an added advantage for the couples choosing honeymoon packages Thailand, since the Thai dishes are not just healthy, they are also greatly rich in sea fishes, thereby adding to the taste buds in a very different and ever memorable way!

Hotels and Accommodation

Thailand has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Besides, there are also budget hotels in Phuket and Bangkok. Thus, honeymoon packages Thailand can offer luxurious as well as budget hotels depending on what the couple desire for and how much they can spend! One thing is for sure, which is that by choosing Thailand honeymoon packages, one can have an ever memorable tour of a lifetime without a doubt!

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