Honeymoon in Kozhikode – Make Your Honeymoon Memorable in Kerala.

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Kerala is a state in South India that has the maximum options to go for a honeymoon couple.

Kerala is the favourite place for honeymoon in India. Several recent surveys on tourism reflect this information and there are quite a few good reasons for the same. One of them is the dense connectivity of Kerala to the rest of the country, and even the state has an international airport that connects it directly to the Middle East, Europe and Australia. Another and perhaps the most popular of honeymoon spots in Kerala are its backwaters. These not only have the best of natural beauties that happen in this part of the world, it is also because of the houseboats that offer the serenity and peacefulness that the honeymoon couples desire.

Best places to visit in Kerala

Among the many natural beauties in Kerala, there are the hills of the Nilgiris, the sea beaches as well as the backwaters. Although the backwaters top the chart for honeymoon visitors, the sea beaches are equally good, famous and popular. In fact, Kovalam has one of the best sea beaches in the world. Situated along the Arabian Sea, Kovalam lies in the northern part of Kerala and honeymoon in Kovalam can be a great idea to visit a sea beach that is pristine and quiet within one’s limited budget in India.

Reaching Kovalam from anywhere in India is very easy. One can come down along the train and reach the spot easily, as it is connected to all cities of Kerala as well with Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Goa via train routes. If one lands in any other part of Kerala like in Thiruvananthapuram that has an international airport, then also reaching Kovalam is very easy by roads. Kerala has very good roads across the state that has majorly boosted tourism in the state.

Honeymoon in Kovalam can bring in certain unique experiences. Besides enjoying the public beaches, one can also hire private ones at specially low prices. In fact compared to Goa, the private beaches here are more and cheaper. The local food adds to the taste of the honeymoon couple and is in fact a delight to taste. The best part about Kovalam is that the hotels here are many and very cheap. Even amidst the main season, there is no dearth of getting rooms, and all of them are well equipped to offer what a honeymoon suite should have.

Other places for honeymoon in Kerala

As we say it, Kerala perhaps has the maximum number of choices that one can make for honeymoon inside a single state in India. The fact that there are as many as six major cities in Kerala and all are well connected through rail and roadways only help in boosting tourism. If one is visiting Kovalam during honeymoon, Kozhikode can be another interesting place of visiting the beach. Honeymoon in Kozhikode can ensure that one is visiting a sea beach and also has the amenities of a city. There are ample numbers of hotels and all of them have lavish honeymoon couples to offer at cheap prices. Honeymoon in Kozhikode can make sure one can get the real taste of Kerala and its spices.



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