Honeymoon In Kovalam – Make Sure To Enjoy The Backwaters On Your Honeymoon.

If one wants to enjoy the facilities of an urban city as well as enjoy the sea beaches, one can also consider honeymoon in Kozhikode.

India being a huge country, there is no dearth of places to visit all over the country stretching from north to south. While Kashmir in the north is always a hot favorite for the tourists, the north eastern states offer a similar kind of natural beauty as well. Then in Rajasthan, one finds endless traditions and history left behind by the earlier rulers.

Down south, in Odisha, one can find relics of the medieval kings of India. In Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, there are many similar historical sites as well. But very few of these offer an amalgamation of natural beauty as well as history and tradition. One such state in South India is Kerala. It has the unique mix of natural splendours along with a touch of tradition and culture. That is why it is one of the hottest destinations for honeymooners.

What a honeymoon couple desires is a serene and pristine spot where they can be busy with each other. But at the same time, there must also be places around to visit during the daytime. The proximity of markets close by gives them the opportunity to taste the local dishes, tradition and culture as well. Kerala is one such place that has many of such tourist spots that offer a blend of all that a honeymoon couple will desire.

Hence, honeymoon in Kovalam deserves a special mention. The sea beaches in Kovalam are one of the most beautiful and clean ones in India. Here, a couple can get good luxury hotels that offer big rooms with AC and TV as well as Wi-Fi connectivity at cheap prices. The markets and restaurants are nearby making it a great experience for stay for them. The best part is that almost everything, starting from tea stall, liquor shops, local markets and roadside delicacies are easily available out here. Even better is the fact that local cabs are easily obtained, thereby making it possible for the couple to visit nearby areas worth seeing and come back by night while on a honeymoon in Kovalam. The inland roads in Kerala are in great shape, making it easy for honeymoon couples to move across the state by road that is of great convenience.

If one wants to enjoy the facilities of an urban city as well as enjoy the sea beaches, one can also consider honeymoon in Kozhikode. This being a bigger city has all the amenities that a metropolitan must offer. There are good hotels and restaurants, malls and cinema halls, as well as local amenities like tea and coffee shops, medical stores, mobile recharge centres and ticket booking counters for both railways and airlines. If a honeymoon couple is in Kerala, they must make it a point to visit one of the backwaters that are so famous across the world. While on a honeymoon in Kozhikode, it is quite possible to visit the nearest of backwaters by road. In the backwaters, one must stay at least for a night or two to enjoy the atmosphere inside a houseboat. It is very convenient for a couple to go to the backwaters, stay a night or two and come back to Kozhikode, owing to the convenience in road travel. That is why Kozhikode falls among the hot favorite tourist spots in Kerala for honeymooning.

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