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House boat in Kerala

Being in Kerala is always a great experience. If that is supported by the fact that it also includes a stay in the backwaters, there can be nothing better than that!

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Kerala is always a land of wonders. Situated in the southernmost tip of India, it is a place that has many things to offer under the one roof. There are sea beaches, sea food, backwaters, houseboats, hotels, temples and specialty local food in abundance in Kerala. Moreover, all of it is so cheap and affordable. That is why honeymoon in Alleppey and other parts of Kerala are so popular in India and also abroad!

Which places to see?

In Kerala, there is no dearth of places for tourist visit. One can go to the south as well as the extreme north. There are the mountain ranges as well as the sea beaches and backwaters. One only has to choose a place for visit.

In every tourist spot, one can get local food in abundance. There are local sea fish preparations that are extremely good to taste. There is the local specialty of coconut water as well. All these together makes honeymoon in Idukki so very memorable and popular among the tourists. All of these tours are also extremely affordable. Thus, people from all strata of the society can make visits for honeymoons and otherwise too.

How to reach?

People can reach Kerala easily from all parts of the world. Trivandrum is the major international airport that is directly connected to the Middle East and other important cities in Asia. If somebody is flying in from elsewhere, one can always reach via New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai or Chennai, all of which are international airports and are well connected to the rest of the world.

Even the six major cities in Kerala are well connected to each other via roads and railways. If one is there for a honeymoon in Idukki, s/he can easily reach the other parts of the state worth visiting via roads and railways. Thus, connectivity is not a major problem in the state.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are six major cities in Kerala. All of them are well connected, and so, there is no dearth of hotels for stay in any of them. In fact, more than the number of luxury hotels, there are budget hotels that promote the tourism business by alluring the middle-income group newly-weds for honeymoon in Alleppey.

The hotels are not just spacious; they are also convenient in many ways. One can get almost all types of food in all the hotels. There is continental food as well as local food. Thus, if one is going for honeymoon in Alleppey, s/he can easily get the food of choice without any inconvenience. Besides, the sea fish preparations are always there to surprise you and stun you!

Backwaters of Kerala

These are the famous spots for tourism in Kerala. Even if you are going for honeymoon in Alleppey or for honeymoon in Idukki, you must make sure that you go and visit a backwater at least once; otherwise, the trip will remain unfulfilled. Also, one must make sure to stay at least one night in the houseboats in order to get the full satisfaction and experience.

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