Honeymoon And Water Adventure In Kerala – Enjoy Wonderful Moments.

Kerala Honeymoon

For the Scuba diving, one can visit the famous beach called the Varkala beach

Kannur, also known as Cannanore, is one of the mesmerizing cities of Kerala and the city is well known from the point of view of tourism is this south Indian state. It is also a well known administrative headquarter of Kerala and is the largest city of the North Malabar region. The city is also called the land of Lord Krishna. Honeymoon in Kannur can be one of the best things that can happen to the individual because of the sheer diversity of the city and the city was also an important port town during the middle ages.

Kannur—An Experience of Heritage

One of the heritage sites of the city is the fort of St Angelo and the fort was constructed in the 1505 AD by the first viceroy of the Portuguese in India and in the later stages, the fort came under the rule of the British. This is the fort facing the Arabian Sea and is located at a distance of three km from the city of Kannur. Near the fort, one can also find the famous mosque and the fort comes now under the direct supervision of the ASI [archaeological survey of India]. Here, one can also find the grave stone of the Dutch commandants and one can also find the mesmerizing army barracks here.

Honeymoon in Kannur—-Everlasting remembrance

The honeymoon tourists can also visit Caltex and this is the new junction of the city. Ne can also see the famous beach known as the Payyambalam beach. This is the beach with the unbroken coastline that stretches few kilometers. One of the mesmerizing sites for the honeymoon tourists on the beach is the sight of the ships that are seen transiting along the Malabar Coast and many of these ships move to Mumbai, Goa and Mangalore. There is also a famous garden near the beach and one can also find a famous sculpture here of the mother and the child. There is another beach located parallel to the national highway and it will be an amazing experience to have a drive by the side.

Museum and temple of the place—Something special

 The tourists who want to see the heritage of the region can visit the museum called the Arakkal museum and one can see many things related to the only royal Muslim family of the state. There is a famous temple located at a distance of 14 km from the place by the name by the name Sree Peralassery temple. Another place of interest is the Kannur lighthouse and it is located near the Sea view park.

Scuba diving—Water adventure in Kerala

In Kerala, the scuba diving is one of the important parts of the adventure tourism because Kerala is also called the land of the beaches and there is no doubt about this wonderful fact. Another adventure water sport in this part of the world is Kayaking. For the Scuba diving, one can visit the famous beach called the Varkala beach. One will have to follow the strict guidelines before going for this sport on this beach. There can be a drowning danger or the sudden storm.

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