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Kerala is always a great place to be in for honeymoon. The newly-wed couple here gets many things under one roof like great food, sea beaches, backwaters as well as good connectivity.

Make a memorable trip to Kerala to know how good it feels to be there! The best thing about Kerala honeymoons is that the fun here is unlimited! There is no dearth of those things that a newly-wed couple looks for in honeymoon period. In Kerala, one can get almost all of that, thereby making it one of the best ever tours together!

What is so special about Kerala?

In Kerala honeymoon tours, one can get so many of the desired goodies at one place! There is good food; there are great beaches; there is serenity and peacefulness; there is also a lot of natural beauty and scenic marvels, including wildlife! Thus, there can be no other place better than this for honeymoon travellers. If one is going for the backwaters, then the fun is even more! In the backwaters, one can enjoy the houseboats that are themselves so special!

The Kerala Backwaters

These are the most famous of the tourist spots in honeymoon destinations Kerala. These are extensions of the Arabian Sea back into the coastal areas of Kerala. Here, there are several small and big lakes formed that are full of houseboats. Much like the Dal Lake in Kashmir, these houseboats are highly furnished ones. They are multi-storied and there are many rooms inside. One can have a luxurious bedroom besides playing rooms, balconies and great sea food.

There are facilities for sightseeing as well. One can travel along the waterways to visit various spots of interest. One can also have drop and pick up points from where they can hire taxis for faraway sightseeing tours. The houseboat managers are so well connected that they can coordinate with the local cabs in a very effective manner, thereby making honeymoon destinations Kerala a memorable and easily manageable affair!

Hotels and Accommodation

Besides the houseboats, one can get a number of good hotels and places for stay in and around the tourist spots. If one is not interested for a longer stay in the houseboats, they can always go and stay in the hotels after staying in the houseboats for a few days. There are luxurious accommodations as well as budget hotels in and around Kerala that one can hire. Thus, honeymoon destinations Kerala is not just for the riches, one who is in the middle-income group can also afford it quite well.


Kerala has as many as six major cities and all of them are connected to each other pretty well. These cities are not just connected by rail and road ways, they are also connected by air. There is a major international airport in Trivandrum that connects to the major cities in Asia and the Middle East directly. Thus, flying in to Kerala from any part in Asia is not just any difficult!

Specialty of food

Kerala is a place with a variety of sea foods. Besides, it also has its special and very own coconut water that makes honeymoon destinations Kerala memorable for a couple. There are continental dishes as well so that people not used to the local dishes can still have good food and have no problem during long stays.

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