Talkatora garden is one of the many quaint, serene places in Delhi which help a person to get back to the nature. Long green parks, various fountains, different kind of flowers are the most attractive features of the garden. Witnessing such natural marvel like this helps you refill with instant natural beauty.

The garden is situated on the Mother Crescent road near the Ram Manahor Lal Hospital. The garden spawns over an area of 2.8 acres and also adjacent to the garden is the famous Talkatora Indoor stadium which was the host of many sports in the Common wealth Games, 2010.

The name of the garden is Talkatora which is basically a combination of two words which are “tal” which means a water body and “katora” which means a round shape bowl kind of structure. So the major feature of the garden is essentially the different water fountains and small lakes present in the garden.  

Built in the times of Mughal era the garden draws its architectural inspiration from the era of the mughals, their grandeur and larger than life. The garden is one of the many master pieces present around the city built by the Mughals.

The park has as many as 23 different varieties of flowers ranging from roses to lilies to various other kinds of flowers. One can notice and endure the various kinds of different flowers. It is also very famous among the morning walkers of the city, as it provide them a perfect, calm and serene place.

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