Swatantra Sangrahalaya

Located inside the famous red fort of Delhi, Swatantra Sangrahalaya is a museum built to remember and preserve the memories of the great freedom struggle that was responsible for India’s independence. While entering the red fort from Lahore gate one can find the museum located on the left hand side of Chatta Chowk.

This museum presents a detailed description of India’s freedom struggle against the British Empire. British Empire ruled the Indian land for about 300 years. These years were also full of agitations and struggle against the British government. The museum present a complete account of the proceedings of the freedom revolution starting from the great Indian mutiny revolt of 1857 till the enforcement of the Indian constitution in 1950.

The museum has idol and paintings of great Indian leaders who played a prominent role in the battle of Indian independence. Mention of leaders like Lala Lajpat Rai, Bhaghat Singh, and Subhash Chandra Bose etc. can be found in the different exhibition in the museum. Other than the leaders,  pictures and paintings of all major incidences of the struggle like choori chuara incidence , non alignment moment, etc. are presented in the museum. Maps of India’s political and physical boundaries of different periods are also displayed in here.

These museums present an interesting experience to those who are interested in knowing about Indian political history. Schools children from all parts of the country come to visit this museum experience the difficulty that their forefathers faced to get the independence for India.       

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