Shakuntalam Centre of Art & Culture

Shakuntalam Centre of Art & Culture commenced its functions at a very small level in Delhi. It has been functional for more than 25 years. It was founded by renowned Bharatanatyam dancer Rekha Chowdhary with an aim of promoting dance as a form of art. It encourages students to practice dance as an art form and develop a culture of appreciation for folk dance forms. Rekha Chowdhary is a well-known dancer who has trained more than 1000 student in past 3 decades.

A devoted student of legendary Bharatanatyam teacher Prof. C.V. Chandrasekhar and a celebrated dancer herself, Rekha Chowdhary has the charm of pulling young minds attention to this art form. She strikes a chord with the young students who are struggling to identify the form of art they want to practice and shows them the right way. This dance Academy has brought forth many dancers in professional field of dancing and many of its students are known for their talent across the globe. In her own way she has tried to keep alive the tradition of folk dancing alike.

Many dances have been choreograph in this centre like the Ritu Shringhar, Shikrana, Disha, Indradhanush, urvashi, jhoole sawan ke, tum yaad aye, nayana bhase nandlal, kaho kab aoge etc

Other than this student were trained here for dancing in the opening ceremony of Delhi Common wealth Gaames of 2010. Their performance was viewed and appreciated by 70000 live viewers and millions of home viewer. The contributions of this institution in field of folk dance are unforgettable.

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