Santushti Shopping Complex

Santushti Shopping Complex is one of the oldest and most elegant malls of the city. Constructed and designed in innovative as well as different way, it has successful created great culture and ambiance inside the mall to make people love shopping in this mall. The mall is shop home for the upper section of the society with high standards of living.

The mall is located in city’s prime location with many other important and interesting places around it. All these places come together to make it a complete package for the tourist visiting the city. One of the sections of the mall is dedicated to the boutiques that are set in terracotta-roofed bungalows. All these bungalows are designed separately with different ideas for them. All these bungalows surround a courtyard of a verdant magnolia and palm shade. Inside this courtyard one can also find beautiful peacocks with their elegant style. These peacocks are accompanied by beautiful designer saaris of the women who are around to shop. The mall has boutiques of almost all the national designers with their exclusive collections.

The mall is not only limited to the saaris as it spreads its wing to many other product markets. Designer accessories like purses, jewelry etc is also available in the mall. The mall also has many boutiques dedicated specially to designer footwear for men, women and kids. The mall has many food stalls and restaurants around it to serve people with food when they are hungry.

The experience of shopping in this mall can’t be matched and its exclusiveness is also that can’t be found anywhere.

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