Sanskriti Museum of Indian Terracotta

Sanskriti Museum of Indian Terracotta is one of the three museums built by the sanskriti foundation. Just few minutes away from Qutub Minar complex these museums are located in Delhi’s one liveliest areas. Triplet of these museums is famous in Delhi because of their distinctive collections in their own genres. The other two museums are named Sanskriti museum of Everyday Art of India and Sanskriti Museum of Indian Textiles. Sanskriti Kendra, an independent foundation has built these museums after a long tiring struggle. These museums reflect their love for Indian culture, its art and its heritage.

The terracotta museum is completely dedicated to one of India’s ancient arts called terracotta. It is also known as the first creative expression of India. The collection of 1500 different articles made up of terracotta is something which makes this museum stand tall among many other museums of the city.  Many artists and expert craft persons had to come together and work with their best abilities to contribute to the collection of this museum. Mesmerizing collection tiles, clay pots, mythological idols and various animals are the part of this museum’s collection.

The museum also has one gallery dedicated to the history of this form of the art. This gallery includes various books, boarding and other information carrying mediums so that people visiting this museum can be made aware of the origin and growth of this art. For art lovers of this city, it is a place to be visited at regular interval of times to be in touch with the world of art and to keep them updated about it.


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