Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art

After the hard work and tiring efforts of Sanskriti Kendra, a foundation interested in the culture and art forms of India, Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art was established in year 1984. The museum is one of the three very famous museums built by this foundation. All the three museums are devoted to different art forms of India. These three museums are called Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art, Sanskriti Museums of Indian Terracotta and Sanskriti Museum of Indian Textiles.

India’s cultural heritage and reach art are captured through a collection so that whole country and that art form can be represented by it. Many famous artists and craftsmen had to come up with their brilliant creations to contribute to this collection. And all these objects were brought together by Sanskriti Kendra at one place. Many different artistic pieces from all corners of the country are there in the museum representing their respected regions.

The collection includes many objects that come across us in day to day activities. Idols, jars, glasses, kitchen accessories, boxes and much more can be seen in a display at the museum. Creative locks are given one separate gallery as the kind of locks used by Indians kept changing and every time something new and innovative idea was used. The glimpse of all those times can be easily captured when you are in the museum. 

Art and culture have been India’s two strongest pillars and sanskriti Kendra has done a tremendous job of popularizing various art forms through these museums.

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