Sangeet Natak Academy

Sangeet natak academy is India’s foremost academy of dance, drama and music. It was the first dance and drama academy started in the republic India.  The academy had a motive to preserve our cultural heritage and tradition by giving them an intuitional form. It is the apex body of performing arts promoting their importance and spreading their reach within the country.

All major state governed projects of performing arts come under the purview of this academy. To further achieve its motive of preservation of performing arts there is a museum which is upholds the heritage of our rich traditions in performing arts. It has a collection of for then 2000 art pieces along with some literary work. These items include a wide range of music instruments, puppets, masks and head gears.  

Asavari is the gallery which displays the music instruments. The gallery is divided in 4 parts wind instruments, strings instruments, percussion instrument and the rare instruments. It in all has a collection of more than 600 instruments among which 200 are on a permanent display.  These instruments have been contributed by musicians also. The gallery of mask has a extensive collection of masks from all over the country like the famous chhua masks from Jharkhand, Zari mask form Uttar Pradesh etc. another display in the museum deals with puppets and include glove puppets, glove puppets, shadow puppets from states like West Bengal , Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra ,etc .

Regular exhibitions are organized in this museum which includes works of many famous artists.

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