Shivaji Stadium is Located in the center of the capital that is cannaught place. It can also be said that it is built in the heart of the capital. Nowadays the place is being used as the bus terminal in cannaught place. The Shivaji Stadium was a popular hosting place as far as sports were concerned. Hockey was primarily the sport for which this site was used. Shivaji Stadium in particular is an excellent place to organize sport events and can be one of the best places for ensuring other activities as well.

The various technological and advanced techniques and advancements surely find its scope and requirement in the stadium to ensure a smooth and swift process for all times to come. Also the bus terminal that is in place at the same structure is a phenomenal site on comparative bases when it comes to comparative analysis of other bus terminals for that matter. It acts as connecting forum as it connects the local transport of New Delhi that is the local road transport that is the local buses. It is the cynosure location when it comes to categorizing it on the basis of the geographical aspect associated with the various locations in New Delhi.

It can be said to have one of the maximum viewership as it directly or indirectly, deliberately or unintentionally, willingly or unwillingly comes in the routine traveling of almost people who cross via central part of Delhi that is the popular cannaught place.

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