Shalimar Bagh, earlier known by the name of Azizabad is located near BH block on gyan shakti mandir road in the Shalimar Bagh suburbs in New Delhi. Way back in the year 1653 the place was constructed by the mughal ruler Shah Jahan as a gesture to his wife Azizabad, that is the reason why the place around was known by the same name. The gardens were popularly proclaimed as the Sheesh Mahal Park.

It was built with an objective to symbolize a lovable gesture for his wife and along with that the gardens were used as a resting and a halting place for the mughal emperor whenever he use to go on a trip to places like Punjab or Lahore and Kashmir. The palace that was built and acted like a cynosure that is the center of attraction for the garden, was always decorated with resplendent and beautiful paintings and amazingly some of them can even be seen today as well by the visitors. The garden had an excellent drainage and watering system in order to upkeep the maintenance at all times. The mughal emperor Aurangzeb considered this as one of his favorite places and in fact on his best country houses. Aurangzeb had a robust connect with this place and that can be clearly substantiated by the event of his accepting the throne of being the next mughal emperor at this very place. Shalimar gardens provide an excellent view of the mughal times with a sheer historical touch. 

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