Republic Day

Republic Day, being a national festival and Delhi being capital of the country has great importance for each other. The festival is celebrated with exceptional excitement in the capital city. The presence of dignitaries and celebrities from across the country make it a day of the year.

Republic day is one of the most colorful festivals and the ambiance of the city is totally different from ordinary days. Most important dignitaries like the President of India, the Prime minister of India, Union ministers and other foreign delegates are always there to attend the republic day parade. The sheer professionalism shown by the members participating in the march are worth more than just appreciation.

Shows designed and performed by the Indian military personnel are like showstoppers for a fashion show. The spirit of patriotism and freedom is in the air on this day and one can easily feel it while watching thousands of soldiers of Indian army representing their regiments during the show. The parade starts from the India gate and they march down to Rashtrapati Bhawan to offer the final salute to the President of India.

The uniforms of the soldiers and their coordination while performing extraordinary tasks are something to watch eagerly on this day. Various weapons like battle tanks, missiles and fighter planes are displayed during the parade. Indian Navy and Indian Air force also contribute to the show with their handsome talent.

Various school children dipped in patriotism present cultural shows in front of the President of India after the march. These shows include various dance forms representing different cultures followed by people of this country.

Republic Day celebrations in Delhi are incomparable to other festivals of the country and are once in a lifetime experience for anyone.

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