Qutub Festival

Qutub Festival is one of the memorizing and most enthusiastically celebrated festivals. The efforts put in by the organizers to set this event on the floor are something that makes the event goes on and on every year meeting success. The event is organized by Delhi Tourism, Govt. of Delhi every year mostly in the months of November-December. Usually the venue of the fest is Qutub complex in the Indian metropolis of Delhi. The venue is next to one of the most beautiful monuments of the country that is Qutub Minar. The fest is mostly three days long and these three days become best days of the year for the people attending the event.

The festival involves performances showcasing almost all the art forms of the country. Many masters of these art forms are invited to grace the event. Most attractive part of this festival is the musical performances. Musicians from all over the country representing their respective genres also participate in the fest.

The fest is not only limited to the national borders but also spreads its wings to many other countries involving performances of many famous international performers. Balanced mixture of dance, music and other arts make this festival fanatical. The event becomes platform for many upcoming artists who are waiting for just one opportunity. The event caters to all the age groups as all the genres are included in the menu of the event. The event is gaining more and more popularity as more and more youngsters are taking keen interest in the ancient art forms of the country.

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