Paalika bazaar

Paalika bazaar , located in the heart of city , Connaught place is a underground fully air conditioned  market which is one stop shop for clothes , accessories , shoes , electronic items , to name a few.  Although the market is plagued with counterfeits and fake products, but still hosts a number of shops and is certainly one of the most visited markets. The market boasts of selling products at extremely low prices.

The market was set up in 1970’s but over the years has lost its charm due to opening up several malls and other shopping outlets all over the city. But certainly measuring the popularity of the market on the number of footfalls, one cannot ignore its popularity especially among the college going students, because of the reasonable prices.

The market is also infamous for its various illegal products such as pornography , fake electronic gadgets and play station games to name a few.

The range of products offered for sale range from DVD’S to perfumes to nightwear , shoes , belts to new gadgets , games for play station and a whole lot of other things.

The market has a total number of 390 shops in the market. If you are visiting the bazaar and the shop keeper is asking for exorbitant prices, don’t worry that much and put your bargaining skills to test. Bargain is the order of the day in the bazaar, try and get as low a price as you can.

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