Nehru Memorial Museum

Nehru Memorial Museum is located on the teen murti Bhavan on the Teen Murti Road in New Delhi. The museum is housed in a magnificent building which originally housed the British commander in chief of India army; this striking colonial building later became the house of first Indian Prime Minister Shri Jwahar Lal Nehru.  He lived in this home for a period of sixteen years while he headed the Indian government.

The great statesman played a vital role in India’s independence movement. His family today also is the most powerful family in the Indian political circles. Nehru’s political ideologies have influenced the Indian policy makers for decades and are likely to do so in the future.  In this museum one can find various facets of Nehru’s life. Some of the very rare photographs from his personal album are kept on display.  His personal letters also forms part of the displays.  One of the most interesting displays of the museum are his bed room , drawing room and study room which can be viewed through large glasses . The beauty of these rooms is worth admiring. This teak paneled room with magnificent furniture gives an insight into the life style of the great leader.

The museum has an everlasting flame burning that represents the principles and prescience of Jawhar Lal Nehru.  In the garden where this eternal flame burns a rock is placed with carving of beautiful words of the leader which he once used to address his countrymen.


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