National Police Museum

There are many museums in Delhi but National Police Museum is something different. Visiting this museum is a lifetime experience. Feeling of thrill and sensation goes through your body when you are inside the museum as there are many items which provoke you. These items are related to criminal activities done in the history of the country. Items related to some course of time changing events are kept in the museum.

Visit to this museum is like a journey through the crime from history. Museum introduces you to certain ancient events and criminals associated to those events as well as crimes of recent times. One can come to know about the criminal techniques used during all these times. The exhibition of the museum shows items acquired from different national and international police organizations. The entry into the museum doesn’t require any fee. All it takes you to go through it is courage, strength and fearlessness.

The most important thing about the museum is that one can take photographs in certain parts of the museum with permission. One also starts feeling proud of various police departments of the country as they are introduced to several brave stories of these policemen sacrificing their lives to help their departments stop criminal crime to provide their countrymen with peace. One of the sections of the museum is dedicated to various awards and medals won by the police departments of the country and one of the walls is dedicated to throw light on the life of some brave policemen of India.  

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