National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History is located on Tansen raod near Connaught palace in New Delhi. It was inaugurated on the world environment day i.e. on 5th June of 1978. It was setup to celebrate the silver jubilee celebration of India’s independence. The main aim for setting up this institution was to represent and encourage awareness of Indian natural heritage.  The institution was build under the supervision of ministry of environment and forest.

Museum is devoted toward the motto of environmental preservation and education. The museum has a rich collection of flora and fauna on display. These collections are very intriguing and beautiful. Its collection of preserved butterflies is very popular among its regular patrons. There is also a full section devoted to preserved herpetological specimen. This collection has amphibians like frogs, toads, salamanders, etc. and reptiles (snakes, turtles, terrapins etc). The museum also has a collection of mounted specimens. The museum has a discovery room which is the resource centre and an activity room.

Natural history is preserved in various forms. Making the next generation more sensitive and aware about preservation of such natural assets is the main endeavor of this museum. The museum play this role by inviting children of all age from different schools and colleges to attend workshops and camp organized. These workshops emphasize on importance of natural heritage perseveration. In these camps pupil also learn about different preservation techniques.

The museum is open on all days except Monday from 10 am till 5 pm. A very nominal entry fee is also charged for the museum.

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