National Children Museum

National Children Museum is located on Kotla Marg of Delhi which is surrounded by many other very important buildings. The museum as its name suggests is completely different concept and a world of children. The place is one of the most exciting places of the city for children. The museum has been designed after thorough study of child psychology and its aim is not only to provide entertainment to children in better way but also to educate them about certain things like Indian culture, Indian art and dance form, its history etc.

The museum is full of different types of toys which can attract children from age of 3 to 15. Collection of dolls in the museum is exclusive and it is successful in providing children with what they fantasize. The museum also has a collection of currency of various nations including those of history. A section called Hamara Bharat is completely dedicated to Indian art, culture and nation’s achievements in the field of Science and Technology. Visual shows are also held inside the museum to throw light on Indian history. The sun Gallery is committed to make children understand sun’s importance in human life. Solar system’s importance is also explained in this section of the museum.

Some entertainment is provided in the section called entertainment. This section includes various rides like toy train, jet fighter etc. clay modeling facility and aquarium is also made available for children. Drama kits and puppet shows are also organized at the museum.

The National Children Museum is a best way to pass holiday with children in the city.

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