Museum of the Archeological Survey of India

Located in the famous Red Fort Complex of New Delhi, the museum is situated in the Mumtaz Mahal of Red Fort.  The museum was instituted in order to bring together all the objects evocative of the history of this great city under one roof. This museum embraces excavated object from different eras that shaped the history of this walled city, these objects belongs to Mugal, Rajput, Keshena, and Aryan era.

This museum tell the story of how this city developed from jungles to the capital city Indraprastha and then to Delhi. Archaeological Survey of India, the organization responsible for carrying out all excavation works and preserving the archeological heritage, carried out excavations in the old fort in year 1955 and yet again in year 1969 till 1973. From this site items like terracotta, antiquity, coins, ornaments, seals, rock diktats, bits and pieces of old constructions and palaces, etc. The museum has been organized in a fashion that all the artifacts belonging to one particular era are kept together like an entire section is dedicated to 2nd century artifacts.

In the museum some works of fine arts, costumes, maps, manuscripts and weapons are kept for display. The museum has a segment dedicated to Indus Valley era, yet another section is dedicated to mugal times for emperors likes Bahadur Shah Zafar, Aurangezeb, etc. these section comprises of items that kings used in their life time like there hookahs, jewelries etc. another section is dedicated to the British era when the greatest revolts of Indian independence took place. The museum is open for all seven days from 9am to 5pm.


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