In the beautiful, calm and serene areas adjoining safdarjung market and the khan market is situated the Lodi Gardens. Spread over an area of 90 acres, it is one the most beautiful and well maintained gardens in the vicinity of the area.

Lodi garden has the tombs of Mohammed Shah and Sikandar Lodi, after which the garden is being named.  The names of the respective tombs of both the persons are sheesh gumbad and Bara gumbad. The site is now being maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).  The upkeep and the relevant maintenance of the wear and tear of the tombs are being maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. 

The beautiful architectural work is majorly done in the 15th century and was carried out under the dynasty of Pashtun which majorly ruled the northern part of the country.  The tombs were one of the earliest works of architecture carried out by the Ala-ud-din shah as a tribute to Mohammad Shah. The architecture involves an Octagonal chamber with stone roofs or chajjas and also flowers in the pillars on the tombs.

Since the year 2005, Archaeological Survey of India conducts heritage walks for various senior citizens and other students. Also the place is a major attraction for the morning walkers. Approximately 35000 morning walkers enjoy the calm and serene environment of the garden.  Recently the park has become infamous because of various young couples being caught in compromising positions and it poses a grave threat for the future generations. 

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