Kathak Utsav

Known as one of the most spectacular events of city of Delhi, Kathak Utsav is dedicated to one of the dance form of India called Kathak. Kathak is an ancient dance form of India. Kathak dance have a separate place in the hearts of the people of this country as it is known as one of the most difficult dance forms in history of Indian culture.

Though male Kathak dance is also of same importance as female Kathak, watching Indian women performing this art is a delight. That is the reason why this event is dedicated to the women Kathak dancers. Every year this event takes place in the city of Delhi and it is organized by Rag Virag Educational and Cultural Society. The society is taking serious interest in popularizing and encouraging this dance form. In their efforts to make people aware of this dance form, they organize this 2 day event every year.

Many famous Indian artists are invited from all corners of the country to grace the podium of the event. The kind of professionalism and trained presentation of the event that can be experienced during this event is unique. Various postures and formations presented during a performance is what steers thousands of fans of this dance form to this event. History of Indian art forms and rich Indian culture is presented in unique way and the evening is made special of visitors through this unforgettable event. This event makes you realize how important it is to be aware of the history of Indian culture.

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