Kathak Kendra

Sangeet natak academy is India’s foremost academy of dance, drama and music. It was the first Kathak Kendra located in New Delhi is one of the prime and renowned institute of education in the field of dance. It was established by the Central sangeet Natak Academy in the year 1964 with an objective to nurture the skills of enthusiasts in the field of Kathak Dance and to emanate the association to this north Indian dance form from within. This National Institute of Kathak dance is a phenomenal forum that helps Dance aspirants to explore and avail the opportunities in the pursuit of their desire pertaining to this particular field.

This institute has produced numerous Kathak dancers that are now one of the elitist and well known personalities of national and international importance. The superseding and exceptional talent that needs to be delivered to the aspirants is done via flawless masters and outstanding experts in the same field that majorly form the faculty of the institute. Various training programs are organized that are aimed at providing a comprehensive structure to this system and ensures an exceptional training to the interested people with expectation of desired outcomes. Apart from its initiative of teaching this sacred dance form, some other promotional activities are also undertaken by the Kendra in order to enable this dance form to burgeon throughout the nation and even across borders. Various seminars workshops and sessions are being organized to spread the necessary information amongst people and make them aware about the concept, origin and history of this dance form and help them build a connect with the same.

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