Khan market has most expensive shops in New Delhi as well as in India. Khan market is a small and well established market in Delhi. It is the place which has loyal customer who comes here to shop as its branded outlet. The place is classy whether it’s about crowd, ambience or the outlets like store, restaurants, etc so big “NO” to bargain.

It is situated in south Delhi, not far from India Gate i.e. in the heart of the city. It is surrounded by residential complexes both governments owned and private and greenery of Lodi garden .One can visit this place daily except Sundays. One can buy books, music, branded and tailored clothes, ayurvedic food and cosmetic and lamps. Most interesting thing about the market is the tailor who will make clothes in less than a week.

Khan market is famous for some great lounges to relax and have fun, some interesting book shops, ayurvedic food, medicine and skin care products. . It has a wide variety of stores, including modern showrooms of most of well known brands like Nike , Reebok ,Benetton ,good earth, Some of the cafes are barista, cafe turtle, fab cafe ,etc and khan chacha which is famous for great chicken tikka rolls.

As per global ranking, khan market is ranked 21st for being the most expensive high street market. If you are in Delhi you must go to khan market to have blast, fun and enjoyment with premium shopping brand, great restaurants, lounges, street food, music and books lovers don’t forget that you will get the best books over here .

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