International Trade Fair

India International Trade Fair is an annual event organized by India trade Promotion Organization. 30 successful events have been organized by the organization. This Fair starts on 14 of November. Every year.  

The event includes participation by hundreds of business houses and their buyers. The event is like a golden opportunity for these business houses as they can display and promote their products in best possible manner. Well designed dooms give their products and service the visibility that is they search for. Apart from sales, advertisement and promotion is also one of the goals that the business houses try to achieve through this event.

Business houses from all the sectors participate and take benefits of the opportunity. Dooms at the event are dedicated to separate business sectors. Small scale industries find it a way to spread their business and grow into a big company.

 Other than the business houses this fair caters to local audience as a place to have fun. A representation from all 28 states of India comes to this fair. Separate auditoriums are dedicated to these states where handicrafts, food of these states are available. Every evening starts with folk dance of these states being presented. Other than states, many ministries like defense, information technology, railways, gems and jeweler also have their exhibition in place. These exibition are enjoyed by the entire local visitor. Each day more than 200 thousand visitor comes to IITF. This fair provides an opportunity to tour all the Indian states in there miniature form in one day.

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