Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

 Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum:- The place where Indira Gandhi’s own bodyguards assassinated her on the historical date that is on 31 October 1984.The now known Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum was actually the residence of the former prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi. After her assassination, it was transformed into a museum. The Museum has preserved her belongings over the years in a very well structured manner, and it keeps them alive by merely the way they have been presented. The visitors can see her attire via the sari she was wearing at the time of her assassination. In addition to this, the museum also showcases a collection of rare photographs depicting the times of Nationalist movement, some personal unique moments of the Gandhi-Nehru family and the childhood photographs of Indira Gandhi with Mahatma Gandhi.

The museum also gives an insight of the assassination moments of Rajiv Gandhi, the son of Indira Gandhi and showcases the burnt clothes of Rajiv Gandhi which he had worn at the time of his assassination. Rajiv Gandhi was also one of the former Prime Ministers of India republics. The viewers get an additional opportunity to see some photographs of Rajiv Gandhi that depict various precious and happy moments of his lifetime. Outside the museum, one can find the place where Indira Gandhi was actually killed. It’s actually a garden that contains the spot where Indira Gandhi fell at the time of her assassination. A phenomenal representation of dry blood spots can be seen covered in a frame of glass. Another important and highly valuable thing a person gets a chance to see the last writings of the indira Gandhi that is hung on the entrance of the museum. It clearly depicts the love, passion and commitment of the lady for the nation and the people of the country.

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