Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium

Indira Gandhi indoor stadium is situated in Indraprastha Estate that is in the eastern side of New Delhi. It was built in the year 1982 and since then it has been one of the most important highlights of national and international importance and bears the potential of arranging and executing almost all kind of sports events. The stadium covers an area of around 102 acres and has a seating and accommodating capacity of over 25000 people at a stretch. The design of the stadium was formulated keeping in view all the considerations to ensure a smooth and swift flow of crowd with desired arrangements and facilities.

Over the years it has undergone considerable renovations and lately it has been equipped with soundproof and fire proof surroundings. Also to make the sports events highly interesting, comprehensive and alluring the stadium has also been provided with exceptional facilities like lighting and audio visual displays. Apart from these extraordinary facilities being made available, the internal area of the stadium is fully air-conditioned to ensure a desired temperature and surrounding conditions in the months of June, July etc.

An acknowledgment and a kind of appreciation that came across the good work done for the stadium was that it was selected for being the venue of Net Ball competitions in the Commonwealth Games of 2010 and that calls for an international importance to the stadium. This clearly substantiates the effective creation and maintenance of this structure that counts as an important asset and a resource in the field of national and international sports.

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