Indian Habitat Center

Indian Habitat Center was established with an aim to provide medium to identify the association between individuals and institutions who can be brought together because of their association with habitat and similar fields. With this it was planned to increase the effectiveness of people working in habitat.

Indian Habitat center is stretched in nine acres of land which includes houses of 37 institutions committed to habitat and environment related research work. It has one of the best facilities to offer when hosting of a meeting or gathering is considered. It has state of art conference halls to accommodate various conferences that lead to the betterment of the environment of the country. Apart from that, it also has an auditorium, and few business centers. It also has some guest rooms to provide accommodation facilities to its guests.

The size of Indian Habitat Center is one of the factors contributing to its success and its increased importance. All the activities related to the environment and its betterment are possible to be held inside the campus of Indian Habitat World.

Habitat world is also one of the parts of the Indian habitat Center which in itself is a new world. It is operated by Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. The company was first in India to be awarded with ISO 9002 official recognition.

After establishment of Indian habitat Center, activities related to Indian habitat have been highly motivated and a lot of improvement has been witnessed in care taken for the Indian habitat.

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