Independence Day

Independence Day in India is celebrated every year on 15th August. The day reminds every Indian of the 250 years long British rule and India’s freedom from it. The day has special place in every Indian’s heart and that is why it is celebrated with extended spirit and patriotic feeling. Independence Day is a national holiday and its effect can be easily witnessed all over the country but in Delhi, the day is celebrated with unique ardor.

On this day almost all the roads can be seen colored in colors of Indian national flag. Whole city is decorated a night before. Almost every school and college organizes cultural and flag hosting events early in the morning.

Most important event during this day is independence march performed by Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force from India gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan. After reaching there, final salute is offered to the President of India. Presence of delegates like the President of India, the Prime Minister of India and other Union Ministers make the day special for people who are part of the event. Various special weapons like battle tanks and missiles are also displayed during the parade. Military skills performed during this march are delight to watch. At the end of the parade, children perform cultural performances prepared by them. The whole ambiance and aroma is fulfilled with patriotism by the proud citizens of this country.  No better way of celebrating nations Independence Day can be designed when compared to the ways it is celebrated in the capital city.

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