Gandhi National Museum

       Gandhi national museum was built in fond memory of Mahatma Gandhi soon after the dark evening of January 30, 1948, making efforts to collect blown memories of this great Indian man. This process includes a search for photographs, videos, letters, books documents and various journals and all that can be added into the list of things that could remind people of India of this great human being.

This collection was first started in Mumbai but later the work was shifted to Delhi as it is a capital city of India. The effort started in form of a collection was later given a form of museum when its location was shifted from Mumbai to Delhi. The museum was set up by Indian Government in early 1951. The location of the museum was again changed but this time city was the same as before.

The museum is full of things belonging to Mahatma Gandhi. It also includes various personal things like letters written by him to his family. Various messages conveyed by him during his lifetime are also there in form of hoardings on the walls of the museum. At the start, the museum was named as Gandhi Memorial Museum but now it is commonly known as National Gandhi Museum. Life and principles of Mahatma Gandhi are conveyed to people through this museum. The amount of time that is spent by a person in this museum is said to be the duration of meeting with Mahatma Gandhi. He is known as the father of the country and through this museum, he is still showing path of love, peace and nonviolence to his children of this country.

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