The garden of Five Senses is a special initiative developed by the Delhi Tourism which aims to stimulate the five senses of a human body namely touch , smell , hear and see through the beautiful and breath taking natural surroundings of the garden . All the human five senses are catered to, one can touch the magnificent manmade structures, smell the fragrance of different flowers, taste a variety of cuisines, see the amazing waterfalls and other creations and a complete peace of mind and it is a complete rejuvenating experience.

The garden was inaugurated in 2003 and is situated in the Said – ul- Aizab Village near the Meharuli heritage area. Since its inception, it has been the centre of various celebrations ranging from dial melas, food melas, and sharbat melas to Dandia masti and other forms of celebrations at different point of times in the year.

The main attractions of the 20 acre mela are the KHAS BAGH, a magnificent garden which is based on the theme of Mughal era through various waterfalls and other beautiful scriptures, with different colored lightings that adds to the entire charm.

NEEL BAGH, a pool which contains various different colored flowers of water lilies, lotuses and other enchanting verities of flowers. Also various different delicacies suiting to the taste buds could be tried in the shopping and food court arena of the garden. Also there are a number of wind chimes in the garden which adds to the overall charm of the garden.

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