Folk Dance and Music Festival

Folk Dance is one of India’s primeval dance forms and it is popular among large audience of the country. The stylish way of performing this dance is a glee to watch. Pleasure of watching this dance form performed by classical trained dancers is an unforgettable experience. Same is the case with Indian classical music. Listening to it reminds you best days of your life. When both of this comes together it creates such a magic that it becomes a lifetime experience for all those who have witnessed it even once.

Indian Folk Dance and Music Festival offer these incomparable experiences as the event is organized every year in Delhi. The preparations of this festival go on during whole year and end result comes out in the form of this grand event. Many professional folk dancers from all over the country are invited to participate in this even. Their performances make the event special. Many Indian classical musicians are also invited to grace the event with their talent.

The opportunity is not wasted by the organizers as at the end of the evening one of the legendary folk artist or anyone who has contributed in the growth of the dance form or Indian classical music is rewarded with an award. The event goes on with several performances by these artists and at the end of the day visitors who have come empty handed in the event go with uncountable unforgettable moments. The event is a must to visit specially for the fans of these dance and art forms.

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