FICCI Auditorium

Federation of Indian Chambers and Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Auditorium is one of the oldest auditoriums set up in the city which acts as a hub for any high level meetings of the various business heads of the country and abroad.

FICCI auditorium is famous because of the world class infrastructure it has. It consists of seven different halls of varying capacity, which can hold people ranging from 6 and going upto 600. The main reason of designing such halls of varying capacities is because of providing a comfortable space for whatever size of the delegation may be.

Apart from the various business meetings, Ficci Auditorium also hosts various cultural and other events round the year. Cultural events include various music events like jazz nights, Indian music nights where various renowned artists of the national and international stature enthrall the audience. Also various dance troops perform here. All the

Ficci auditorium is situated near the heart of the city, Federatoin House near Mandi House.


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