India in some aspects really benefitted from the ruling of the Mughal Empire. Delhi being the epicenter has been the major receptor of various cultures and other traditions followed by them. Apart from the great cuisine, Mughals were considered to be great builders and certainly the city is blessed with beautiful architectures from the mughal era.

Roshanara Bagh was built by Roshanara Begum, the second daughter of the great king Shahjahan. The bagh is situated in the old city of Delhi, Chandni Chowk in the area of Shahjahanabad.  The Mughals always depicted a sense of belongingness towards the city, this bagh has a raised canal with different kinds of flowers on both side of the canal, adding to the magnificence of the bagh.

Apart from being an engineering marvel and a treat to witness, the bagh also has great historical importance for the mughals and for Indian history also as well. The bagh was built by the daughter and is also the final resting place on the princess. Roshanra Begum passed away in the year 1671 and was buried in the bagh.

In the memory of the princess, today at the cemetery of the princess stands a magnificent white marble pavilion. The marble structure has cravings of the times of times of the mughals and there are various scenes encrypted depicting the various stages of life of the princess.

During the British times, the relevance was realized and the bruisers started an elite Roshanara club in the year 1875.  

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