Prithvi Theatre Festival

Delhi has at least one event in a year to celebrate and recognize different genres of entertainment and same is the case with theatre dramas. The Prithvi Theatre Festival is organized every year to be familiar with theatrical dramas and similar presentations.

Theatres have been sources of talent for Indian Film Industry since long back but its popularity among people is yet to be appreciated. The job is being tackled through this event. The Prithvi Theatre Festival is usually held at the Kapoor family owned Prithvi Theatre. Kapoors are one of the most famous families of Bollywood and their fan following is touching skies since many generations. They have identified the importance of theatre and its contribution in Indian Film Industry and therefore they have made an effort to provide opportunity to new talent through this event.

The event includes presentations of many theatre dramas including almost all genres. Many celebrities from Indian Film Industry and Theatre Industry are invited to this event so that more opportunities can be generated through the event. The event was held for the first time in year 1983 and since then it has never looked back. The basic idea behind this event is to encourage theatre in India.

This event provides opportunity to the fans of many celebrities to see them perform live. The thrill associated with these dramas cannot be compared with the movies as dramas are performed live in front of the audience and that is what maneuvers thousands of people to this event.

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