Kuchipudi Dance Centre

Kuchipudi Dance Centre is located in Chankya Puri in New Delhi. It is the foremost organization promoting Indian dance traditions and also the culture of the state to which this dance form belongs. This dance form belongs to the north eastern state of Andhra Paredsh. Khuchipudi dance is a prevalent dance form which has been developed from years of practice. It gets its name from the name of the village it originated from, Kuchelapuram. This village is located about 65 km from Vijayawada. It was founded by Swapnasundri (renowned Kuchipudi Dancer) in the year 1982. It was started as a nonprofit organization with an objective of promoting this dance form.

This dance form is not just about dance moments but the beauty of this form lies in the small gestures and expressions of the dancer. This rare combination of facial expressions and dance makes this dance form a must watch. The effortlessness with which this dance is performed with all its appearance, drama and music give a natural grace to the performance. Ease of execution and the Natya or dramatic part of this dance form makes this dance form difficult to learn.

At Kuchipudi dance centre there are many famous dancers of this great form who conducts classes for students and semi pro dancers. These classes have made several contributions to the professional Kuchipudi dancers. Other than this many professional dance shows held at the institution which is appreciated by several viewers. Other than this one can learn a lot about evolution and history of this dance by visiting this centre.

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